The Community Christian Education Program is an alternative program for children Grades K – 9. Founded on the Christian worldview, love your God, and love your neighbour as yourself, this program seeks to teach students how to live their Christian faith in the context of their local and broader community.

The program is designed to nurture excellent character, leadership, academic and spiritual outcomes in students through the use of faith-based strategies, value-rich role modeling by staff, and parent partnership. Students are encouraged to actively demonstrate these outcomes through leadership opportunities in their school, community service options in their neighbourhood and extra curricular involvement.


Community Focus at MCS

The atmosphere of the Community Christian Education Program is characterized by acceptance, appreciation, respect and dependence upon each other. Individuals demonstrate God’s love for one another, seek God’s direction on a daily basis, and are encouraged to develop meaningful relationships within the context of Christian values and expectations. The desire to build a strong community of outward focused individuals with strong inward character permeates the program.

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