Principal’s Message June 2014

Dear Parents,

Wow! I cannot believe that I am close to the end of my first year at Meadowlark Christian. This year has been, without a doubt, the most memorable of my 20 plus years teaching career. Our mission at Meadowlark Christian School is to be a caring community committed to developing excellence in: Learning through academics, Living in Christ, Leading by serving others and Loving with strength of character. In my first year as a school principal I can tell you that: I have learned many, many things, I have lived and grown in my faith in Christ , I have been able to serve the students, staff and community of MCS and I have loved becoming a part of this very special learning community.

Enrollment and staffing decisions will be finalized over the next few weeks and I will update everyone in late August, both on SchoolZone and on our school website, with information regarding the 2014-2015 school year. I can tell you that we are currently planning one class at each grade level, except in grade 8 where we will have two classes and in division two where there will be a grade 5, a grade 6 and a grade 5/6 split class.

Please refer to the attached calendar or check the upcoming events calendar on our school website for the dates and times of the grade 3, 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT’s). Here are some tips to help your child achieve their learning potential in testing situations:

  • Know the schedule of testing dates and plan in advance a review/study schedule.
  • Minimize distractions and study in a quiet, comfortable environment.
  • Encourage your child to exercise regularly, eat properly and get plenty of sleep, healthy bodies = healthy minds.
  • Talk with your child about test taking strategies, a Google search will find you some terrific websites packed with ideas and suggestions.
  • Look over the exam before starting to answer questions to plan time accordingly, complete the questions they know first, then go back to work on the harder questions.
  • Praise your child for their efforts and a job well done.
  • Celebrate growth and accomplishments, as each of our students has so much to be proud of!

I hope that you will find some time in your summer break to do things that fill you with joy and happiness and I look forward to welcoming our students back in September for another great year of learning!

Darren Oskoboiny, Principal

MCS Shines 10th Anniversary Celebration

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Tickets can be reserved online by clicking here.

Open House – March 13, 2014

MCS Family BBQ

MCS SHINES presents The Prodigal Star

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Spring Break

Students will be returning to school from Spring Break on April 2nd.

Mexican Fiesta

Due to weather conditions, the Mexican Fiesta has been postponed to Thursday, April 4th.

MCS Foundation Christmas Newsletter

Hot Lunch Day Update

The regularly scheduled Hot Lunch Day will occur as planned this week.

Those students who ordered wraps and drinks from Booster Juice for Thursday, Nov. 22 will still receive them, regardless of whether they are attending classes at MCS or Westlawn.

Arrangements have been made for students at both schools (MCS and Westlawn) to receive their pre-ordered lunches on the regularly scheduled day.

Thank you to the volunteers who stepped up to make this happen.

School Reopens Wednesday for K-6

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It’s business as usual for elementary school students at Meadowlark Christian School!

Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will be returning to regular classes at Meadowlark Christian School on Wednesday, November 21.

Junior high students will have to wait until Monday, November 26 to return to the Meadowlark Christian School building.

Although the air quality has been repeatedly tested and declared safe in the junior high wing, there is still a slight smoke odour in that area of the school. Students who are hypersensitive to their environment may be affected by this odour, so all junior high students will remain at Westlawn Junior High School for the remainder of the week.

For those students riding the yellow bus, the schedule will remain the same.

Thank you for your co-operation, support and understanding during this challenging time for us.


Mr. D. Sweeney

Thursday Fire Update

Dear Parents, Families and Guardians:

As the cleanup at Meadowlark Christian School continues, it has been determined that the school will not be ready for students and staff to return to until Wednesday, November 21, at the earliest.

Although the air quality in the building is improving, there remains a strong smell of smoke in the school.

Some of the work that is taking place in the school includes the removal of scorched equipment from the science classroom and smoke sealing. Lockers also need to be checked for smoke and cleaned, if necessary.

The transition to the host schools has gone very well.

Additional information will be shared on SchoolZone, as it becomes available. Please see the link on the menu at the top of this page.

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